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Suggerimenti di Base per il Blackjack a Doppia Esposizione

Double Exposure Blackjack at first seems like a simple game to play. You can see both the dealer’s initial cards and know exactly where you are. But the additional information means more options to process and require a change of strategy from the normal variants of online blackjack. This article does not elaborate on the details of the strategy, but provides some basic guidelines for new players.

But first it is important to outline the changes in the rules required to compensate for the advantage of seeing both dealer cards. Blackjack is a two-card hand with an ace and a ten-value card for a total of twenty-one. In the normal variations of online blackjack, a blackjack player win pays two to one. In Double Exposure Blackjack pays only equal money. In normal online blackjack all ties push. But in the Double Exposure Blackjack the dealer wins all the ties except for the natural bound blackjack, which he pushes. The net result is that the average return of the player is virtually unchanged.

In normal online blackjack see only the first dealer card. The second card is unknown. So there is an element of uncertainty. This is reduced to Double Exposure Blackjack when the first two cards of the dealer total seventeen or more. Since the rules require the retailer to get up seventeen, the dealer’s hand is made if the total is seventeen or more. There is no uncertainty about that score. The player’s strategy is cut into this condition. You must get more than the dealer, otherwise you lose. If the dealer is seventeen, the player cannot stand a severe seventeen year old. Must hit. In normal online blackjack the player will always be in difficulty seventeen. Taken to the extreme, the player must hit twenty and hope for an ace when the dealer has twenty.

You have to keep in mind that things change drastically when the first two cards of the dealer total sixteen or less. This means that the dealer must take at least one other card after the player has completed his hand. So the player can be and should be more cautious. Take the case when the dealer is sixteen after the first two cards. It will slam if the third card has six or more. This will happen about sixty percent of the time. So as a player you don’t have to take unjustified risks. You get up when you are twelve or older.

Suggerimenti di Base per il Blackjack a Doppia Esposizione

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