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L’arte del Gioco D’azzardo nel Casinò

Many people who are preparing for their first trip to the casino and have practiced with their hands on the kitchen table do not feel ready to play at the gaming tables until they are familiar with the social habit of giving tips to the casino . Advice is a form of gratification for some service workers as a reward for their quick, courteous and efficient service. The size and methods of granting these payments vary according to the service sector. In a casino, in general, the practice is to recommend low-income sellers, in exchange for their quick and friendly services at the table.

Casino players are not required to tip, especially when they are losing. However, when they are winning, this suggestion is in good shape and will boost morale at the table. Tipping the dealer in this case can be done simply by pushing the chip into the design towards the casino dealer and telling him it’s for him. However, in blackjack, the tip is made in the form of a bet made for the casino dealer. Place about a fifth of your bet against your betting cabinet from time to time when you have a good run. If you win, the dealer gets the winnings as a suggestion and when you lose, the casino gets the money, enough. Avoid frequent and unnecessary advice because it is in bad taste and will not influence your winning destination.

Anche piazzare una scommessa per i commercianti di casinò è molto popolare tra i giocatori di dadi. Spesso chiedono al rivenditore di fare una scommessa pass line per i bambini, il che dà ai concessionari le migliori possibilità di vincere. Altre volte, il giocatore può semplicemente piazzare una scommessa in uno dei modi difficili per dire al mazziere che va in entrambe le direzioni, il che significa semplicemente che metà della puntata è piazzata dal giocatore per lui e l’altra metà è per il rivenditore del casinò. I suggerimenti non sono così comuni nella roulette, dove i trafficanti ricevono un consiglio dopo un unico pagamento di 35-1. Ricorda che il casinò non consente ai trafficanti di rimuovere i gettoni dalla mano di un giocatore.

Suggestions in video poker and slot machines are usually given when the player hits the pot. It is reasonable to tip the one percent to the person who changes the casino when the earnings paid by hand are delivered promptly and politely. A token tip is also useful when you ask an assistant to keep your slot machine while you are in the bathroom or at the cash desk in the casino cage.

L’arte del Gioco D’azzardo nel Casinò

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