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Jacks or Better Video Poker

The difference between tactics and strategy escapes many people because it is a relatively subtle thing. The strategy is about a long-term general plan, but the tactics are only about knowing what to do at the moment. While there is a lot of talk about video poker strategy, the real focus on new players and people who haven’t played for so long must be based on tactics. We will look at the tactical Jacks or Better games to give you some examples of why this is so important. The attention here is to be good at making a decision at a time: a decision on the hand in front of you right now.

Most video poker hands are pretty simple to play. There is usually an obvious high card, a pair of hands or a drawing to play with and this is the only reasonable way to go. But the hands that really make a difference in the way games are those where you have to make a decision between two different ways of playing at affordable prices. This usually happens when you have two moves you can play or the choice between a pair and a draw.

Supponi di avere una coppia alta in questo gioco e hai anche un progetto di colore. Potrebbe essere qualcosa come AsAh9h5h2h. Un’alternativa sarebbe quella di andare per la coppia alta e tenere il tuo AA e l’altro è mantenere il progetto di colore. Entrambe sono belle alternative, ma in realtà è meglio mantenere la coppia alta. D’altra parte, se hai una coppia bassa con un progetto di colore con qualcosa come TcTd9d5d4d, dovresti mantenere il progetto di colore. Le coppie alte sono meglio dei tiri a livello, e i tiri a livello sono meglio delle coppie.

The straight drawers also enter this game indefinitely. We know they are worse than flushes since they are harder to beat and pay less when they hit, but how do they compare to low pairs? Apparently, low pairs are better than infinite pairs in almost 100 percent of cases. The only exception is when you have accurate KQJTT without flush draw. Here the drawing is a little better than the pair due to all the high cards in what can make high pairs, but this is the only exception.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

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