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Introduzione al Video Poker

Some say video poker is not real poker, but in reality this game is as real as it gets. It’s true that you don’t think like in a normal poker game with many players, but video poker is just as exciting and exciting as the normal poker round. If you like to take time and play against the computer, you will love video poker. You don’t have to worry about what others hold, but simply focus on the five cards that are dealt to you and what to do with them. Read on and learn more about video poker and how to play.

Video poker machines look a lot like slots and the beginning of video poker history begins with the invented slot machine. The first video poker machines were more like slots with rollers and card symbols that revolved around forming a 5-card hand. If the player had won, he would have taken a drink or cigarettes and there were millions of jackpot prizes like today. In 1970 the first Poker Matic machines were introduced in casinos and are seen as the first real video poker games. They didn’t become very successful, but it wouldn’t take many more years before people started changing their minds about video poker.

Nel video poker vuoi fare una mano vincente con 5 carte. Le tue 5 carte iniziali sono casuali e decise dalla macchina. Una volta ottenute le 5 carte, devi decidere quale tipo di mano vuoi puntare. Il gioco utilizza la classifica delle mani di poker standard, quindi è sempre opportuno imparare le diverse mani possibili prima di iniziare il gioco. Puoi vincere con tutte le mani che sono elencate come vincenti sulla macchina, ma le più difficili da ottenere pagheranno anche di più. Influenzerai anche il risultato finale con quante mosse fai per arrivarci.

To determine how much money you will win, the video poker machine subtracts itself from the final winning sum for each draw you make. You could decide to go for a pair or a triple and if you do it in a single draw this will be subtracted from the prize for a pair or a triple. There are also video poker games with jokers or jokers. Jokers can be used like any card and give you a better chance of forming a winning hand. There are also video poker games with progressive jackpots. To win a progressive jackpot in video poker you have to get the hardest hand and usually without many moves, if there are any. There could also be an additional fee to be paid to be in the draw of the additional jackpot.

Introduzione al Video Poker

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